Managing Achalasia Cardia with Laparoscopic Cardiomyotomy

A rare disorder affecting the esophagus, achalasia cardio is a condition characterized by difficulty in swallowing food and water. The disease occurs due to a defect in the esophagus, specifically the lower oesophageal sphincter (LES), which is a muscle ring that closes off and separates the stomach and esophagus.

In a person with achalasia cardio, the LES does not open up while swallowing which leads to backing up of food. This can occur due to a number of reasons such as a nerve disorder of esophagus, an autoimmune or a hereditary condition. An autoimmune disorder can lead to degeneration of the nerve cells of the oesophageal sphincter.

The risk of achalasia cardia is higher in people over middle age. The condition is also detected in children and in people with a history of autoimmune disorder. The disease can cause risk of choking, aspiration or inhaling of food.

Symptoms of achalasia cardia

The condition of achalasia cardia can often be suspected by symptoms such as coughing, difficulty in swallowing food items, difficulty in eating food, heartburns, hiccups, chest pain and weight loss. Backflow or regurgitation is also witnessed in some cases of achalasia cardia.
The diagnosis of the condition is performed with the help of techniques such as manometry, barium swallow or endoscopy. Dr. RK Sinha, leading laparoscopic and bariatric surgeon is widely acclaimed for his successful treatment of various disorders such as achalasia cardia.

Treating achalasia cardia with laparoscopic cardiomyotomy

With the advent of laparoscopy as a popular surgical option, the treatment for achalasia cardio has been simplified considerably. The procedure involves the division of the lower and upper stomach end and is conducted under general anesthesia. the procedure helps in managing regurgitation of food and makes food and fluid consumption easier for the patient.
Laparoscopic cardiomyotomy has various advantages which include faster recovery, relatively reduced pain and sooner return to normal work and diet.
Dr. RK Sinha has a world of experience in handling and treating various digestive disorders through advanced laparoscopic procedures.

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